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Ready to pop.

Love is patient and kind;
love is not jealous or
boastful; it is not arrogant or rude. [I Corinthians]

Probably one of my favorite love quotes- and it's from the bible. Who would of thunk it? Today has been one of those days that starts out bad, got a little better, then got bad again, and now we're at a stand still. I was woken up to bile coming up in my throat, choking and sputtering, I sat up and turned to the side of the bed to try and catch my breath. Before I knew it, I was throwing up bile on the floor. Great way to wake up, huh? The last three days I have had the worst heartburn ever and I am more than ready to have this child. No more heartburn. No more hip pain. I'll finally be able to exercise and get back in shape. I'll be able to feel like a real person again. When you're pregnant everything feels surreal. You feel untouchable. Kind of special. Except towards the end, when you're ready for it to be over with. I have this giant belly poking out in front of m all the time. It's exhausting. How do people let themselves get beer bellies? Crazies.

Today, after the throwing up incident, we all finally got up because the baby was sick of being stuck in the room and ready to get the day started. Josh decided last night that he was going to try to make more of an effort towards spending time with me. I'd finally told him how alone I've been feeling and though it felt good to be honest, it's not the first time I've told him how I'd been feeling and he's promised to give me more attention. It's a fifty-fifty toss up on whether or not it will actually happen. Today was a little better. I just can't wait to feel like a normal couple again. 

I brought up the whole birth control issue last night. It wasn't a complete disaster, but we really didn't get too far. I definitely will work on convincing him. We need to be responsible- we can't afford another slip up. I just need to find a pill that will make him feel comfortable with me taking it. I honestly don't know why he's so against birth control. If anything, more women should be on birth control. This world is overpopulated with enough ignorant, dimwitted human beings as it is- and they just keep procreating! But that's a whole nother entry. 

I must tend to the baby that is crawling all over me now. Ahh the joys of motherhood. 



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